The world’s first mini inhaler


The world’s first mini inhaler aspiraclip® is internationally patent-registered and exclusively made in Germany. Clinically assessed, the ergonomic nasal clip is made out of skin-friendly, medical silicon. Its two reservoirs are filled with high quality essential oils. By introducing the clip in the nose, the natural organic substances reach with every inspiration the nasal mucous membrane, where they directly come into effect. Thanks to the elasticity of the silicon, the mini inhaler suits every nasal shape and is barely noticeable.

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An overview of our aspiraclip® product line

with 100% organic

peppermint, lemon and lime essential oil

Refreshing and liberating

Soothes headaches and migraines
Masks unpleasant odours
Relieves discomfort caused by dry air
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with 100% organic

eucalyptus, thyme and ravensara essential oil

Relief for cold symptoms

Clears blocked noses
Strengthens the natural defenses
Antiviral und antibacterial
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Range of applications

Discover the range of application possibilities of our mini-inhaler aspiraclip®

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