Ideal for headaches, migraines and traveling

aspiraclip® fresh’s special composition of essential oils refreshes from the first inspiration on and induces a deeper, more conscious respiration. First signs of fatigue, tiredness or imminent headaches can be fought off with an improved oxygen supply.

By using aspiraclip® fresh, the nasal mucous membrane is moisturised; it is especially helpful for people working in air-conditioned spaces. The refreshing scent also helps in case of nausea or unpleasant odours.

With 100% organic essential oils

The carefully elaborated mix of essential oils of aspiraclip® fresh can ease the pain caused by headaches and migraines. It is also refreshing inside air-conditioned spaces and holds off unpleasant odours.


Peppermint: The essential oil of peppermint, a genus of plants in the family Lamiaceae, is obtained by steam distillation. There are a lot of mint hybrids due to the plant’s wild cross-breeding. Researches on the benefits of peppermint – with its high menthol content of 40% – recognise especially its properties against headaches, nausea and tiredness.


Lemon: The lemon oil is extracted from the fruit‘s peel. Native to China, the fruit of the flowering plant family Rutaceae has a refreshing scent, which leads to spiritual clarity and is used to treat cold symptoms.


Lime: Obtained by cold pressing its peel, the lime oil has a unique, mood-lifting scent and fights off infection-related fatigue. It has also digestive qualities and can ease nausea symptoms.

How to use the mini inhaler

• When the first signs of headaches or fatigue arise, aspiraclip® fresh can be used in an uncomplicated and discreet way.

• In case of nausea, lack of concentration or headaches, use aspiraclip® fresh at your convenience.

aspiraclip® fresh performs admirably if used for 5 to 15 minutes at intervals of 10 to 30 minutes.

We do not recommend using aspiraclip® fresh overnight, as it performs best when used in a regular rhythm with short breaks.

For Dentists: Relieves the gag reflex of your patients

The composition of aspiraclip® fresh‘s essential oils can reduce the gag reflex of dentist patients. The easy use of the mini-inhaler during the dental treatment leads to a smooth treatment and also relaxes the patient.

Observational studies show that using aspiraclip® reduces significantly the gag reflex of 75% of the patients. Furthermore, 90% of the patients stated they perceived the treatment as more pleasant.