Effectively prevent and fight colds

The special composition of aspiraclip® med’s essential oils can already help against the very first signs of a cold like a blocked or runny nose, coughing, a sore throat and headaches. The germ-inhibiting qualities of the essential oil mix can also strengthen the immune system during an already existing infection and hence support the body by fighting viruses and bacteria.
A preventive use in overcrowded spaces or while travelling can be useful to prevent any contamination.

With 100% organic essential oils

The carefully elaborated mix of organic essential oils of aspiraclip® med has antiviral and antibacterial properties, hindering viruses and bacteria to multiply. No resistance or accustoming to essential oils is known.


Eucalyptus: The essential oil of eucalyptus is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves. Eucalyptus oil is recognised by both the traditional and the modern medicine. It is antiviral, antibacterial and helps with breathing difficulties. The active agents of this essential oil soothe coughing fits as they relax the bronchial muscles.


Thyme: A herb of the Lamiaceae family, possesses a high linalool content. It fights off bacteria and viruses and at the same time strengthens the immune system.


Ravensara: Indigenous to Madagascar, the essential oil of Ravensara is obtained by pressing the leaves of the tree belonging to the family Lauraceae. The small camphor content make this essential oil very skin-friendly. However, Ravensara has a strong effect on viruses, especially in case of an already existing respiratory infection caused by more resistant germs.

How to use the mini inhaler

When the first signs of a cold or of a respiratory infection arise, aspiraclip® med can be used in an uncomplicated and discreet way – even in public spaces.


• During the early stage of an infection: use aspiraclip® med 10 to 20 minutes, 4 to 6 times throughout the day
• In case of an already existing infection: if possible, use aspiraclip® med 10 to 20 minutes every half an hour.
• To prevent any contamination: use aspiraclip® med for 20 minutes during or immediately after a stay in a public space. After 1 to 2 hours, repeat it 1 to 2 times.
• We do not recommend using aspiraclip® med overnight, as it performs best when used in a regular rhythm with short breaks.