The world’s first mini inhaler aspiraclip® is patent-registered and made in Germany out of medical silicon. Its two reservoirs are filled with organic essential oils, which are diffused throughout the body with every inspiration. By introducing the clip in the nose, the natural organic substances reach the nasal mucous membrane, part of the central nervous system, where they directly come into effect.

Made in Germany

The aspiraclip® mini inhaler is exclusively made in Germany. For its production, we collaborate with our partners from the pharmaceutical industry with a long-time experience in medical devices. For more information on us and our partners, click here.

The multiple application possibilities of aspiraclip® allow us to fill the reservoirs with various combinations of essential oils. We offer two variations of our mini inhaler at the moment. For more information on our different products, click here.

With 100% organic essential oils

Using essential oils through inhalation enables them to affect the whole body through the nasal mucous membrane. All of our aspiraclip® products are based on natural, pure and organic substances that we elaborate and process carefully; that is how we can guarantee constant high quality. The hermetic storage box, exclusively developed for the mini inhaler, prevents any essential oil leaking. For more detailed information on the benefits of essential oils, click here.

Comfortable and flexible to use

Compared to other traditional inhalation devices, aspiraclip® offers a lot of advantages: its ergonomic shape and its skin-friendly medical silicon increase the comfort and allow the mini inhaler to adapt to every nasal shape. By introducing the clip in the nose, the natural organic substances constantly reach the nasal mucous membrane with every inspiration, where they directly come into effect.

Whether at home, at work, for leisure or while travelling – aspiraclip® can be comfortably used anywhere and everywhere. If used daily for 1 to 2 hours, aspiraclip® lasts up to 21 days.