aspiraclip® fresh


Mini inhaler filled with 100% organic peppermint, lemon and lime essential oils


Refreshing and liberating
– Soothes headaches and migraines
– Masks unpleasant odours
– Relieves discomfort caused by dry air



Take a deep breath!


aspiraclip® fresh’s special composition of essential oils refreshes from the first inspiration on and induces a deeper, more conscious respiration. First signs of fatigue, tiredness or imminent headaches can be fought off with an improved oxygen supply.
By using aspiraclip® fresh, the nasal mucous membrane is moisturised; it is especially helpful for people working in air-conditioned spaces. The refreshing scent also helps in case of nausea or unpleasant odours.


The mini-inhaler, made out of skin-friendly medical silicon, has two reservoirs filled with three essential oils: peppermint, lemon and lime oil.


aspiraclip® fresh is used:
• For relief of the symptoms of headaches, migraine and nausea
• Against unpleasant odours
• In rooms with dry air
• Against concentration problems and fatigue


Contraindications: Do not use aspiraclip® fresh if you are
• a patient with hypersensitivity to peppermint or any of the other ingredients
• asthmatic or if you suffer from any other respiratory disease
• pregnant or if you are breastfeeding
• not suitable for children under 6 years.


Usable for up to 3 weeks
Store the mini-inhaler in the provided storage box and keep it shut. After opening the package, aspiraclip® fresh will expire after 21 days.
The date of expiry is printed on the package. It refers to the last day of that month. Do not use this product after this date.


aspiraclip® is patent-registered and made in Germany.


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